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Originally born in Norwich and schooled in Birmingham, Tom William Carrington now resides in Cheshire as a Multimedia Designer and Developer. He has accumulated considerable experience along with a diverse portfolio of clientele as a result of his dedication, ambition, and love of design.

Back in 2002, Tom received his first opportunity to establish himself at Brightwave in Brighton, working as lead Macromedia Director developer on a project for the CSA. One year later, he moved to Nottingham to work for direct-ed, a specialist education and e-learning content provider. Whilst there Tom worked on numerous projects including interactive CD's, Web Sites, Intranet Sites, MIS Systems, Online Chatroom Soloutions and Interactive Screen Savers.

Tom now works for Outright PLC, a personal lines insurance broker, based in Stoke-On-Trent as a Web Develeoper and Designer. The move into a more competitive sector has allowed Tom to concentrate on SEO and web standards in addition to learning the new skills of and XML.

Tom also has a deep-seated love for photography and various niche genres of electronic music.


The 3D chatroom element of this site uses Macromedia© Multiuser Shockwave Server Technology.

The server runs as a service on my home server. To use the chatroom the server MUST be running.

The server is currently OFF.


distantDVD is a project that can be found at I wanted a way to browse and play my network stored VIDEO_TS folders on my Mac.

After getting bored waiting for a product to become available I decided it would be much quicker to create my own.

Check out distantDVD for more information


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